Top Ten Hooniverse Posts of 2019

Our hangover from the whole holiday season is almost gone. As we are sobering up we realized that, oops, we got a cool website to run. In order to get started we decided to keep thing simple and take a second look at the ten most popular posts from 2019.

Of the almost 1000 posts we had in 2019, it’s not always the one that we think would be popular. Some are just quick, check this out type of posts and some are the things you’d only find on Hooniverse. Without further delay, here are your top ten Hooniverse posts of 2019. Enjoy, again.

Electric Crate Motor: is this the LS alternative?

Marshmallow Tundra’s legacy lives on in replacement Tundra build

Obituary: Alex Mills, 1984-2019

Guy makes billions off wrecked cars and we just keep looking at his website

When family wrecks your 4Runner

Sleeper alert: a Malibu with a grand heart

Spied: Jeep Gladiator with a raised hood – what the hell is this thing?

Can’t afford a Defender? Buy this 4Runner instead.

This 1970 Chevy C10 went for bonkers dough at Barrett-Jackson

California enacts AB-1824 and the enthusiast community responds


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4 responses to “Top Ten Hooniverse Posts of 2019”

  1. Sjalabais Avatar

    Happy new year! How did you determine popularity? Views, posts? Will you do a “your cars of the decade”-post?

    1. nanoop Avatar

      I’d say the sum of all likes over number of comments in a post’s comment section. This truely evicts click baiting and reflects how many people bothered to actually read a little bit so much that they had an opinion on somebody else’s comment.

    2. Kamil K Avatar

      Yes, post views.

      I guess I could.t Would not be very interesting.

  2. William Byrd Avatar

    Yes! One of my articles is in the (picture at the top of the) Top 10! Happy New Year!

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