Electric GT is back. We were first introduced to them when they debuted their converted 1978 Ferrari 308 GTS to an all-electric setup. Now they are back with what is being described as an Electric Crate Motor.

The LS swap has been the standard of engine swaps for decades, now there is a new trend on the rise and it’s shocking. Sorry, I couldn’t stop writing the predictable dad joke.

Electric GT Dual Electric Motor

I’ve been on the Toyota Land Cruiser forum since before owning my FZJ80 and engine swaps are the currency of iH8MUD. If members are not posting about what size tires will fit that doesn’t rub without a lift, then they are talking about engine swaps. I am fully guilty of this as well. An 80-Series with an LS3 is my dream.

Electric GT is working on another solution to this. They have put together an electric crate motor that is sized and shaped like a modern V8 crate engine. The packaging is a familiar shape and Electric GT is creating a package that would be similar to when whole engines are sold as assembled and ready to be installed. The engine-shaped module has either one or two electric motors, motor controllers, a charger, a DC-to-DC converter, coolant lines, and pumps. The only thing that isn’t included in their package currently is the battery pack. You will have to source those on your own.

The company is claiming that the setup will make 140 hp and 240 lb-feet with a single motor and 240 hp and 340 bl-ft with a dual motor setup. These numbers don’t really make sense if you’re comparing to big power classic muscle cars, but it’s more than enough for those classics that were underpowered (by modern standards) when new.

Build Thread

Electric GT wants to sell its package to shops as opposed to individual customers. There isn’t any pricing information yet. They are currently building a 1970 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 with this new system. Here is the build thread on MUD. It’s quite eyeopening. They’re installing 12 Tesla Gen One Smart modules for power ($799/ module). The FJ40 isn’t the only Land Cruiser around their shop. Here’s a shot of they getting ready to test fit the crate motor in an FJ62.

fj62 Electric Motor Test Fit

Electric GT is now located in Chatsworth. Let’s hope their talking to Chatsworth’s automotive wizard, Jonathan Ward.