Witness the insanity of a 2,800 hp street-legal Aston Martin drag car

This is a sentence I never thought I would type… Check out this amazing Aston Martin drag racing machine. But here we are. Or more specifically, here is Jonny Smith back with another episode of his The Late Brake Show. This time around he’s spending time with a pair of Aston Martins. One is your “standard” 715-horsepower DBS Volante. The other is far more interesting. That’s because it’s a tube-chassis drag racer with the body from an Aston Martin Vantage… and an engine capable of producing 2,800 horsepower. And the whole thing is still street legal somehow.

Under the hood sits a 9.3-liter V8. There’s one big-ass 118-mm turbocharger and a whole bunch of stay strong/go-fast parts bolted on from there. This Aston Martin drinks E85 fuel and has delivered a 6-second quarter-mile pass with a trap speed over 200 miles per hour. And Jonny Smith, along with the car’s owner, take it out for a spin on a wet British afternoon because why not?

This is unexpected. This is amazing. And this video is a perfect way to serve up some entertainment on your lunch break/zoom call/year off. Give it a watch, and then share other unexpected drag racing monsters in the comments below.


  1. There’s no such thing as a 9.3 liter Chevy-powered drag car. As soon as a tire touches the quarter mile track, the displacement can only be measured in cubic inches.

    1. Well, noting this is a Brit car, it’s NOT a 9.3 Liter Engine…. it’s a 9.3 Litre Engine, but your fundamental point is absolutely correct – this car is sporting a 566 cubic inch engine.

  2. Impressive, without a doubt. Much like Edd China’s drivable couch, though, it’s something that I can appreciate for the engineering, but which I don’t really like. I enjoy quickness and agility, but not outright speed. And it’s not just middle age that’s sobered me– I’ve never really enjoyed going fast in anything.

    Regardless, this car challenges my prior definition of “street-legal”. Perhaps it is, but I thought side mirrors were mandatory for such a designation (and that vibrating rear-view mirror is about as useful as one on a Harley Davidson). Either way, I think my new distinguishing term is going to be “street-realistic”, which this is not. I think I prefer “race-able street cars” to “street-able race cars”.

    Gotta love Jonny, though. I’ve always enjoyed his dry wit and delivery.

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