The car pictured above is a Koenigsegg Jesko. It’s an apex machine capable of speeds over 250 miles per hour. The engine makes over 1,600 horsepower on E85. And the transmission shifts in about 25 milliseconds. Koenigsegg is building just 125 examples. All are spoken for, of course, and each one costs at least $3 million.

For those 125 buyers, the car is obviously “worth it”. Makes sense really, considering that used Koenigsegg examples can sell for three to four times the original asking price. In this case, then, the car is “worth it” because it can instantly deliver both a strong performance return and a financial one as well.

But what’s the most car out there that you think is “worth it”? Can you understand someone spending $100,000 on a vehicle? Do you believe no new car should cost over $25,000? What vehicle out there costs the most money yet meets your criteria as “worth it”?

For me, it would be something like the Mercedes-Benz E63 wagon, Audi RS6, or Porsche SportTurismo. The reason being that this represents my own personal pinnacle of a do-it-all type of vehicle. I can easily fit my family, haul stuff, and haul copious amounts of ass as well. The driving dynamics of each are stellar yet the vehicles also blend into the scenery as well.

Another good example might be a good sport utility vehicle or truck. One with a nice interior for family comfort, plenty of space, and still-engaging driving dynamics, at least with regards to off-road adventure.

How about for you though? What vehicle best answers the question posed here?