The Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo 4S is one of the greatest cars you can buy. It’s a Porsche… wagon, and it’s damn near perfect. Yes, it’s expensive ($128k as-tested) but you don’t need to own another car. It has room for your stuff. You can raise it to an off-road mode if you need to get down a dirt road. It drives like a sports car, and it has enough interior space for your whole family.

But maybe 440 horsepower isn’t enough for you. Porsche has a 550 hp version. Do you still need more power? There’s one with 680 hp too! Maybe all of this horsepower talk is too much. There’s a 330-horsepower version that serves as the starting point of the Sport Turismo lineup.

At Hooniverse, we love the wagon. This is one of the greatest wagons you can buy. Seriously, we fell in love with this thing.

[Disclaimer: Porsche tossed us the keys to its lovely longroof and included a tank of fuel.]