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Watch: This Lego car suspension test rig is entertainingly genius

I’ve built a few things in Lego here and there. The last one, which sits on a shelf in my garage, is the Technic Land Rover Defender. That one has working suspension, four high and low, steering, a working engine, and much more. It would be a blast to have a spot to test out that suspension, and as the channel Brick Technology shows below, that is actually something that can happen. Assuming, of course, that you’re a genius when it comes to crafting amazing Lego creations.

Brick Technology built a rolling road to serve as a vehicle suspension test platform. It has adjustable speeds, can be altered to simulate different situations, and mostly holds the vehicle in place as it’s being tested. That is until it’s pushed too hard. The builder then creates different vehicle chassis setups to show how different suspension systems work. It’s brilliant and entertaining at the same time. And it shows a clear and concise knowledge of what’s possible with these scale building blocks.

This is impressive as hell.

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One response to “Watch: This Lego car suspension test rig is entertainingly genius”

  1. Sjalabais Avatar

    Fascinating! Quite some negative camber on some of those combinations though, and the studs are…tall! Cool to watch anyway.

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