Alan Ampudia and Lil Jon in a Trophy Truck

Watch Alan Ampudia and Lil Jon rip a Trophy Truck through Ensenada

Sure, right off the bat it seems to be an “homage” to BJ Baldwin’s insane Recoil 2 video. But this time, instead of BJ we’ve got Baja 1000 winner Alan Ampudia driving rapper Lil Jon through the streets of Ensenada. The destination? Papas and Beer. The route to get there? Not a direct one, but an awesome one.

I was ready to write this off as a copy of Hoonigan’s BJ Baldwin video from a few years back. The route looks similar, in fact. But then Ampudia clears one hell of a gap and I’m into it all. The driving is, of course, excellent and Ampudia is incredibly skilled behind the wheel of his Pro2 rig. Even managing to keep it together when the Ford goes nose down after one huge jump. Part of that is Alan. The other part includes those beastly 40-inch tires, all of the suspension travel in the universe, and massively overbuilt parts.

Trophy trucks rule, and this video is just more proof of that. Right?


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2 responses to “Watch Alan Ampudia and Lil Jon rip a Trophy Truck through Ensenada”

  1. crank_case Avatar

    Even having seen that other video you mentioned, this still felt like time well spent.

  2. Mike Malsed Avatar
    Mike Malsed

    think Lil Jon’s “check shorts” light went on several times, there!

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