Volvo Stories is a trio of tales about your favorite Swedish machine

“I didn’t really choose my first Volvo, it kind of chose me…”

After an accident left him without a car, he needed to find a replacement. In searching, he discovered a Volvo wagon wearing a manual gearbox. Ever since, he’s been tumbling down a rabbit hole lined with Swedish parts. And this is just one story of the three presented in the beautifully shot Volvo Stories.

It’s the work of Zack Paris. He’s a YouTube video creator producing well shot projects highlighting interesting people or things. In the past, he’s produced short films that cover Larry Chen, Chelsea DeNofa, and more.

Now Zack has turned his camera lens on to a familiar subject; the mighty Volvo. There’s a 740 Turbo, 740 Wagon, and a 242. All three are dripping with their own respective styles, and each offers something for everyone.

It’s the 242 that might be the most interesting though, as it packs a 5.3-liter Chevy V8 under the hood. It’s also turbocharged and drinks through a MegaSquirt setup. The result is a punchy 242 that battles above its weight class. This is a Swedish sleeper done oh-so right.

All three cars are pretty cool, and all three present rather wonderfully as captured by Paris.


    1. Unless you prefer the sleeper look. Though admittedly, this guy’s blown the sleeper cover with the stance and wheels (and exhaust note and turbo blowoff).

      1. This is where I would part ways, stylewise. I’m totally fine with whatever backyard engineering people come up with. But, to my eyes, this is a classic look, ruined. To each their own, but standard or simplified aesthetics are desirable in my mind.

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