This modified Lexus GS F makes amazing noise

We’re big fans of the Lexus GS F here at Hooniverse. This car shows that Lexus is eager to crank out a number of entertaining cars to sit alongside the more standard offerings of the family. The GS F, as it arrives from the factory, sounds pretty good. But a bit of modification can allow it to sound amazing.

This Lexus GS F wears a supercharger from RR Racing. You can’t hear that in the video though, but you can hear the modified exhaust setup. Now the Lexus GS F above sounds like a god damned race car. I close my eyes and see visions of circle track race cars tearing around a dusty circuit in a small southern town. Close my eyes again and I picture an uncorked Corvette ripping up a twisting road course.

Open your eyes. This is none of those things. It’s a modified Lexus GS F and it sounds incredible.

Could I live with this on a daily basis? Maybe. I’d prefer a set of cutouts so I can turn this fun on and off. But if I couldn’t turn it off, I’d certainly be smiling as my neighbors all scream at me. It wouldn’t matter, as there’s on way I’d be able to hear them.

Still… I do have the law to worry about.

[Source: YouTube via Road & Track]


  1. Wait a second, I thought Jalopnik liberated content from the ‘verse, not the other way around.

    1. This was shared to pretty much every site out there. I saw it numerous places. Since the original source is the actual video, that’s what we’re using here.

      1. Fair enough, and was only partly using it as an excuse to excoriate the wanton content reposting that Jalopnik does regularly. Mainly, I’d just be unhappy if Hooniverse became just another site that parrots other “popular” content, so keep fighting the good fight!

  2. Welp…I’ll be watching how the GS F depreciates even more closely now.

    (They’re already in the high $40ks…)

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