lego defender 90 on a bookshelf

The old-school Land Rover Defender 90 has returned… in Lego form

The iconic Land Rover Defender has returned. No, I’m not talking about the Ineos Grenadier. I mean a real-deal Defender 90, albeit one on a smaller scale and made up of plastic. Lego has created a classic Defender 90 set to celebrate 75 years of Land Rover. This one looks similar to the modern Defender set in terms of size and color, just a bit more classically cool and with way more features.

Like the modern Defender, the Classic Defender features a roof rack, a working winch in the front bumper, steering, suspension, and doors and a hood that open. This Classic takes it a step further though by including a snorkel, side rails, the spare on the hood, and more accessories to go in that rack on top.

This is more involved than your standard Lego set as it includes 2,336 pieces and is part of the Lego Icons series. It’s not cheap, at $240, but pretty much any Lego kit at this level is around this price point if not higher. This one goes on sale on April 4th, and you can see it on the Lego site right now.

I’ve built the modern Defender set, and I really enjoyed the experience. It’s a soothing process to sit there with your phone away, and instead focusing on something constructive. Literally. And like a real Land Rover, there was a part that was binding that I had to fix but fix I did thanks to some help from the Internet. So now I have a cool scaled-down Defender sitting in my garage that serves as a fun trophy from my first team win in the Land Rover Trek competition. My team was invited back for another round and we won that too, but no trophies that time… though I can think of a good one, at the moment.

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