Apologies are in order, I think. I feel like Hooniverse has turned into camping/off-road/4×4/adventure website. I assure you that this is a coincidence. We still love old, shitty, rare, and obscure cars. But sometimes it’s good to look into other things, too. I promise that Jeff will soon burn the rubber something with too much power soon and I’ll provide useless info on Easter European crapcans.

I have attended the Overland Expo East a few weeks back. I drove there in a Honda and slept in roof-top tents. Here are are the other cars I saw at that expo. They’re divided into camping area attendee vehicles and vendor displayed vehicles. Enjoy the pics.

Camping area vehicles

One of the first vehicles that really struck me upon arrival was this lovely Land Rover. The man in the picture has started a small business restoring old Land Rovers and this is his own Landy. You can follow him on his Instagram.

Walking around the camping area I noticed this Unimog. Very cool, just look at those wheels. I didn’t ask many questions of the owners of they seemed busy.

The side of this pickup bed was hinged. it opened up to create a bench and access to the bed. In the fender (?) were storage boxes. Why isn’t this an OEM option?

RAM 2500 on 37-inch tires. Mega cab. Diesel. Stick. AEV bumper, fender flares, wheels, and snorkel. Perfection. I’d drive this thing to Alaska right now.

Same thing in different sizes.


I always wanted one of those but I’m afraid of the costs.

Vendor Vehicles

Flat bed all the things!

I realize that a lot of these vehicles are ridiculously expensive. The truth is that most people that need all that shit. Soon I’ll provide two examples of excellent, small, overland budget builds.

You almost had me… until those lights. WTF? I’m not sold on the wheels, either.


The Jeep Gladiator was the cool new vehicle of the Expo. This one was one of the coolest.

This is the Lexus GXOR Concept. It was made for Lexus to show the abilities of the Lexus GX 430. They should just sell it exactly like this. I reached out to Toyota to see if I can borrow it for a weekend. Stay tuned.

That’s it. If you’re still reading this, comment on your favorite rig below. Thanks!