The GMC Hummer EV promises a “Quiet Revolution” …and crazy specs

Hummer is coming back. This time, it’s …oddly true to its name? The GMC Hummer EV looks to be an electric super truck with outrageous specs. All we can see so far is the grille. We’re scratching our heads though, because the General (not AM, Motors) is promising mega performance.

GMC has a run of teaser ads set for the Super Bowl this weekend. The idea behind the campaign is a notion of “quiet revolution”. What that means specifically for the Hummer EV is a truck that can silently deliver 0-60 runs of three seconds, 1,000 horsepower, and… wait for it, 11,500 pound-feet of torque.

Now, those figures are all estimates. And we have no idea where or how GMC is measuring the torque figure. But it’s certainly possible when measured at the wheel and with proper gearing. Still, we want to know a lot more about that figure.

Regardless, it’s interesting to see the revival of the Hummer name. And it’s wild to see it applied (albeit in an oddly fitting manner) to an electric vehicle. The Super Bowl spot runs this weekend. The full reveal of the GMC Hummer EV happens on May 5th. So stay tuned.


  1. So I was discussing this with a friend. Let’s say they do hit that torque number you know because vaporware. What do you do with it? At first I was thinking GM would have one of its real people commercials where they would show them uses. So the first person would get to pull down a one hundred tall tree. That’s because stump pulling is for those Ford owners in their baby electric powered Rivians.
    Now after the tree falls onto the truck and the driver gets his bell rung they head to the lake to tow a 45 foot boat. This would be without a trailer because MANLY HUMMER! Once they get back to the starting point. They finish up with a tug of war against three Cybertrucks.
    Time for some Hard Seltzer because your a man in your electric Hummer and you’ve had a hard day in your electric Hummer.

          1. With 11,000 pound of torque there is plenty of overhead for Hollywood levels of armor overload. We can make this bugger hugely bulletproof.

    1. GM has had a rather tenuous relationship with facts and figures. Remember when they (specifically GM CEO Fritz Henderson) introduced the Volt and claimed in giant banners it would get 230 MPG?×450/format/jpg/quality/85/

      Yes the real rating ended up being 93 MPGe under pure electric, 60 MPGe combined, 37 MPG gas only. Whoopsie!

      1. The Volt is an oddball. We were first told that it was going to have electric motors in the wheels and a motor that powered them like a diesel train. Instead we got a plug in hybrid that requires premium fuel. It is a decent one and if we had been told that was what it was from day 1 then it would have been fine. It’s just we were sold a bill of goods.

        1. Don’t forget: “It’s not a hybrid,…” (like that Toyota Prius that was selling like hotcakes at the time) “…it’s an electric car with a range extender!” Which made everyone think about electric cars with a max 40 mile range, and they walked right into the Toyota dealer.

          Yup, GM managed to kill a great car. Because a plug-in hybrid with 35 (first gen) to 53 mile electric range yet able to be driven like a “normal” ICE car beyond that should have been wildly successful. If marketed by someone other than GM dolts.

          1. Oh I agree that they had a good car. It’s just that they vaporwared something and delivered something else. I still like what they delivered in the end. I look forward to seeing the tech in a truck or SUV.

          2. Yes, I like the Volt. It would be a great option for people who can’t charge in their own driveway or who regularly drive long distances. Unfortunately GM seems to be abandoning the technology and going to ICE or BEV, nothing in between here in the US: (The Malibu Hybrid, the last GM hybrid here, will die this year and won’t be replaced).

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