Watch this Hummer H2 on an Algerian expedition

Yes, that’s a real Mi-24 Hind helicopter. The Algerian Air Force uses them to patrol its borders with Libya and Niger. A helicopter is a great vehicle for far-reaching expeditions, but that just gets you in the door and you need to be on the ground to push deeper. The world knows that when you’re ready for expedition travel you take a Land Cruiser, Land Rover, Patrol, or Pajero.

You do not take a Hummer H2.

At least, that’s what we would’ve guessed. But someone has done just that. They’ve spent time in Algeria traveling with Geko Expeditions (you will have to translate the website) in an H2.

Geko posted a teaser from this trip, and it includes a location known as the Hidden Grave. If you pause at the 14-second mark, you’ll see the H2.

Hopefully, they post more from the Algeria trip because I want to see the big brute Hummer dominating in places where only Cruisers, Defenders, and Patrols normally travel.

Geko Expeditions is the kind of company I’d want to travel with once I have fully kitted vehicle. Another option is to have a crap ton of money and rent a 70-Series Land Cruiser from Geko for a trip through the Okavango in Africa.

The film below is my favorite of theirs. It’s from Iceland in 2017. The Geko guides look like they use Nissan Patrols for most of their trips, but in some places have 70-Series Land Cruisers as well. In Iceland, the guides are in the Patrols and the rest of the group brought their own vehicles: Toyota Troopy, Toyota Prado, Land Rover Defender, and a Mitsubishi Pajero.

There is another video from Russia that will make you love Geko even more. This trip features another Troopy, a Hilux, a Defender, the usual Patrols, and a section of the world that not very many of us have seen.

The locations listed here are big tasks. And those Patrols are growing on me.

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