Smaller solution to Volvo’s big wheel problem

Volvo loves having big wheels on its vehicles. While those wheels really look great, we have established that big wheels are not really practical. The smallest factory fitted wheel that Volvo seems to offer on any model is 18-inches in diameter.

An XC60 R-Design T8, which is the plug-in hybrid model, belonging to a SwedeSpeed member Kranvagn came equipped with 22-inch wheels. Because he wanted “to some serious road trips and off-road trips in 2019, so some real tires were the first order of business”. He downsized from the factory 22s to aftermarket MSW Type 49 wheels. Those 18″x8″ wheels had a +42mm offset, nicely clearing the brake calipers.

tsw 18 inch wheels volvo

Then, he did the best thing ever. He wrapped those smaller wheels in 255/55-18 BFG00drich A/T KO2 tires. Those are all-around fantastic tires and certainly our favorites here at the Hooniverse. The result of those chunky tires on a great looking XC60 is simply spectacular.

More importantly, he used his slightly modified XC60 to actually venture off the highway and not just look cool. And then he added more modifications, such as a spare tire carried and a rooftop tent.

Kranvagn further posted some comparisons in terms of gas mileage and noise levels, both of which were very well conducted. The thread ends with his swapping his BFGs for taller Hankook Dynapro AT2 tires. While the taller sidewall of those tires allowed him to run lower tire pressure and added a bit of ground clearance, that tire gets much less traction than the BFG.

The post got so much love that other board members went with the same setup on their XC60s and XC90s. I think that this is great setup even for those who do not venture much off the paved road but live in an area where roads are just bad. If I had a new Volvo this would be one of the first, if only, modifications I’d make to it. I think it would look killer in a V60 Cross Country.

Wagon Wednesday: 2020 Volvo V60 Cross Country

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5 responses to “Smaller solution to Volvo’s big wheel problem”

  1. mdharrell Avatar

    I’m pretty happy with the stock wheels and 145R13 tires on my Volvos, which is just as well, because these days the aftermarket options for three-lug wheels are somewhat limited.

    1. Slow Joe Crow Avatar
      Slow Joe Crow

      Don’t be DAF, I’m sure somebody can 3D print you a set (JK)

    2. Rover 1 Avatar
      Rover 1

      It gets worse.

      The Daf, 3 x 125 pcd is different to the only other recent three stud wheels on the Smart cars which are 3 x 112, (nicely overlapping with owner Mercedes Benz use of 5 x 112).

      3 x 130 is the old Renault fitment used on the 4CV, Dauphine R8, R10, Caravelle, Alpines A110, A210, A310e etc., 3 x 110 is the slightly newer Renault fitment of the R6, R5 Mk1 and Citroën has two as well, 3x 160 for the 2CV and derivatives and 3 x 115 for the later Visa, LNA, Saxo, (and Peugeot 104 & 106 sisters)

      Some suggestion has been made that the 6 x 130 fitment to the latest Mercedes Benz Sprinter is ‘close enough’ for minor machining, but these wheels are min 16 inch diameter, but may be Ok if you’re going for the ‘boy racer’ low profile tyre look.

      Or not.

  2. Zentropy Avatar

    Smart move, and in my opinion it looks markedly better with the new combination. It’s hard to ignore the positive visual influence of the KO2s, but I think I would prefer it with the 18s even using touring tires.

  3. Lokki Avatar

    Egads! Have we finally reached “Peak Wheel” ?