The fifth generation Toyota 4Runner has been around since the 2010 model year. Algebra tells that this is 11 models years, ignoring the fact that the mechanicals date back to the fourth generation 4Runner. Despite that age, it is a solid rig. My 4Runner is over ten years old and in that time only one thing crapped out on its own, and that was after I’ve ignored the issue for a long time. Needless to say, they’re solid and proven vehicles.

Toyota was ahead of the game with the 4Runner as it has morphed into being one of the overlanding world’s most popular choices. Toyota themselves didn’t miss the mark on that with the TRD Pro model. The idea was to take the already solid Trail, as it was called at the time, model and improve on it. Tires, suspension, a skid plate, and honestly not much more than some trim made people lose their minds over the TRD Pro.

Fast forward to summer 2021. Car prices are insane and nothing makes sense. The dozen years 4Runner models stickers north of fifty grand. But also, because 2021, its availability is very low. Local dealers to me has less than a handful of new 4Runners in stock. Supply and demand, and all the jazz, allow dealers to mark-up some of the more desirable models. And those mark-ups now extended to the 4Runner TRD Pro.

According to Reddit, Millennium Toyota in Garden City, Long Island (the New York Long Island, not that other Long Island) is marking up their 4Runner TRD Pro inventory by as much as $30,000. Their website, which I won’t link to, lists five 4Runners in stock. Stated on the site are MSRP and “call for price” selling prices. Fuck all those people. Don’t ever pay over sticker for a new car, especially a mainstream car that the automakers sell more than 100,000 of every year. And to hell with all the scumbag dealers up-marking their shit like this.

Source: Reddit/r/4Runner. Thanks, Zerin!