The Range Rover Classic has quickly become, just that. It’s a classic truck with a rising value proposition to match. Collectors are taking notice and the price on Range Rover Classics is climbing. EDC Automotive Design snagged one for a new project build. The finished product has me conflicted.

Let’s get to the heart of this one first. Under the hood sits a 6.2-liter V8 making 403 horsepower. It’s backed up by a six-speed automatic gearbox. Peek at each corner and you’ll find upgraded brakes while ECD’s own adjustable air suspension system keeps the ride in check. The Alpine White paint works great against the black wheels and trim too.

I will say though, that the white paint causes the hood to lose its lines a bit. And the lower spoiler/lower grille/foglight treatment doesn’t do much for me. Yes, I know that’s a stock bit minus the paint. Still, I’d ditch that section for a cleaner look. I’d also go with more period appropriate wheels.

On the inside, Torino Salsa leather would not be my first choice. I can appreciate the dual-nature of the style aesthetic though. Cool on the outside, hot on the inside. I get it.

Regardless of my sticking points, I do think this is a very cool build. The Range Rover Classic was on my short list while I was shopping for a truck. The Montero ultimately won out, but I definitely still peek at RR Classic listings from time to time. With the vehicle above, I’m impressed. But paint it green. Make the interior tan. Give me some steel-look wheels. And ditch that front valence. And then I’d be drooling…