Watch this Range Rover soar… and then ponder the repair bill

Jumping a vehicle is fun. More so when it’s a machine built to take such abuse, because that means you can do it again. You can drive away. And you don’t have to call a trailer to bring your now busted car or truck to a shop. They’ll stare at you. Perhaps they’ll laugh. That’s because there’s a massive repair bill heading your way. Maybe it was all worth it though, just to see your baby fly.

So what happens when you take a prior-generation Range Rover and send it. In the video above, what happens is that the truck soars for a moment for heading nose-first back down to Earth. There’s a quick puff of smoke upon landing. I assume that’s the money that was in the owners wallet quickly vanishing.

What do you think is now broken on this truck? Well… if it wasn’t broken already. Our man Kamil speculated the following in the Hooniverse Slack chat:

So how do you think this Range Rover did upon impact? What’s broken? And would you have gone with a full send like the driver did in the video above?


  1. The Range Rover jokes are best. A guy I know – respected, funny guy, runs an Apple store – went from one of the few XC90 V8 ever sold to a Range Rover. I caught him giving advice on AAA-ish memberships…pretty mandatory with these cars, even today.

    1. Speaking of XC90s, my 17-yo son apparently just realized that not all have 3.2 sixes like the one his mother is letting him drive. He woke me with a text around midnight, randomly asking me how easily (and how costly) it would be to swap in a V8. The Yamaha unit is a sweet engine, but knowing my wife’s likely take on the suggestion, I quickly squelched the idea.

      1. Why a swap, used V8’s seem to be very cheap in the US? It’s still a rare car and probably has some extra running costs in addition to all the existing XC90 issues…but that’s a soccer mom bus he could drive with pride, hehe.

        1. Oh I completely agree– the swap would cost us more than the car is worth. He’s just being a teen. When I was his age, I was swapping V8s into everything I could shoehorn one into, so I can’t be critical. That particular V8 (with a couple of turbos added) is what powers the Noble M600.

          1. They also had a 5.0L version running in V8 Supercars for a while, I think it had a flat-plane crank.

          2. Tell his mother the sensible thing is to buy him a Miata and let him put a V8 in that.

      2. I’ve always wondered if that V8 would swap into any of the big Volvo-based Fords, but mostly the Taurus so you could have a proper Yamaha engined SHO again.

          1. A shame about the Flex. It remains my favorite crossover design on the market, and it’s hardly changed since its debut a decade ago.

        1. Well, it should, it’s the P2 platform? A very compact V8 to boot.

          @Zentropy, I hope you find something else to shoehorn a V8 into. If I remember correctly, you guys got an entire fleet to choose from…

          1. I wouldn’t expect fitment to be a problem, although who knows what it would take to get the electric stuff to play nice.

          2. Haha, yeah, I have a few that don’t yet have V8s. The XC90 is a good, safe vehicle for a teen driver, and I don’t intend to mess with it. He can drive it as-is until the wheels fall off.

          3. Your son: Challenge Accepted! (If heโ€™s anything like I was when I was a teen)

  2. Looks like the RH front wheel grinding on the pavement so presumably blew that tyre. Maybe an airbag on the LH rear? It may have got away without structural damage – you’d be surprised how hard they treat vehicles in durability testing.

  3. Its not made to do that.The repair bill,a new one will be half the price.Fords Raptors, F 150 and Ranger are designed to do that, not Range Rovers.

    1. An unmodified Raptor will not do that without significant damage. A regular F150 sure as hell won’t.

  4. All that stuff probably all need replacing in the next six months anyway knowing RRs. No real running cost difference.

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