Jumping a vehicle is fun. More so when it’s a machine built to take such abuse, because that means you can do it again. You can drive away. And you don’t have to call a trailer to bring your now busted car or truck to a shop. They’ll stare at you. Perhaps they’ll laugh. That’s because there’s a massive repair bill heading your way. Maybe it was all worth it though, just to see your baby fly.

So what happens when you take a prior-generation Range Rover and send it. In the video above, what happens is that the truck soars for a moment for heading nose-first back down to Earth. There’s a quick puff of smoke upon landing. I assume that’s the money that was in the owners wallet quickly vanishing.

What do you think is now broken on this truck? Well… if it wasn’t broken already. Our man Kamil speculated the following in the Hooniverse Slack chat:

So how do you think this Range Rover did upon impact? What’s broken? And would you have gone with a full send like the driver did in the video above?