The Oldmosbile Aurora was the aesthetic predecessor to the Porsche Taycan

Founded in 1897, Oldsmobile met a sad and unfortunate end in 2004. Its legendary models such as the 442 and 88 were far in the past. The automaker went out of business making the Bravada (a Trailblazer but ugly), the Alero (an ugly Malibu), and the Silhouette (an ugly version of the Chevy Venture minivan).

Before Oldsmobile was completely reduced to a sad brand making re-bodied versions of cars that weren’t very good in the first place, they made the Aurora.

The Aurora

The Aurora was a front-engined, front wheel drive sedan. It had a four liter V8 making 250 horsepower which was mated to a four-speed automatic transmission. None of this is related to the Porsche of course, but take a closer look at the exterior.

Better go pick up a paternity test, Porsche.


The rooflines are both of the fast-back variety. Look at the resemblance. Simply uncanny. How could Porsche blatantly steal the design of the 1995 Oldsmobile Aurora and expect nobody to notice? You’ll also notice the Taycan has four doors, just like the Aurora. Even the proportions are similar. Fishy. Things get even more conspicuous when we move a little further around back.


Without a hint of doubt, Porsche just swiped the mono rear taillight, or, “heckblende” (a fancy word for a mono rear taillight) from the Aurora. Shameless. Waiting for an innovator like Oldsmobile to tread the uncertain ground of single rear taillights. They thought they could get away with stealing from a defunct automaker with a rich history. Well guess what? They did.


Even the front fascias look similar. Notice the recessed headlights? The dark plastic trim under both car’s noses? I can’t believe this. Frankly, it leaves me sick to see such unbridled theft. Also check out the sculpting of the Taycan’s profile, especially towards the bottom. Look familiar? 

Both car’s wheelbases and heights are also within an inch of eachother. Even the wheels; nearly the same amount of spokes. Please excuse me while I write a strongly worded email to the people at Porsche.

Oldsmobile will be livid when they hear this.

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17 responses to “The Oldmosbile Aurora was the aesthetic predecessor to the Porsche Taycan”

  1. smalleyxb122 Avatar

    Hard hitting investigative reporting on the chowder capacity of the MachE frunk, and now this? Where do you buy your weed?

    1. Peter H Avatar
      Peter H

      high on life brother

  2. Rust-MyEnemy Avatar

    You need to caption the pics. How are we supposed to know which is which?

  3. ghosty Avatar

    You completely missed the door-mounted side-view mirrors! Also roughly 67%* of all Auroras are even the same color as every* Taycan in existence!


    1. nanoop Avatar

      Thank you for using science, not just mere visual similarities, to prove this point!

  4. neight428 Avatar

    I like to think of the Alero as a better looking Grand Prix, otherwise, spot on.

    1. Tomsk Avatar

      Grand Am, to be completely accurate.

      1. neight428 Avatar

        Indeed. Always mixing my Grands.

  5. Maymar Avatar

    Oldsmobile also beat Mercedes to the punch with the first (modern, because props to the Rover P5B) 4-door coupe.

    I’m still bitter Olds badged the Antares as the 2nd gen Aurora.×267/546b55b9c0749_-_2006-mercedes-benz-cls500-cls55-amg-lg.jpg?resize=640:*

    1. Rust-MyEnemy Avatar

      It will forever be in law that the P5B be mentioned when four-door coupés are the topic.

      1. Maymar Avatar

        I promise to do my part, under threat of fines, imprisonment, or just disappointing myself.

    2. Tomsk Avatar

      I would love to see pix of the proposal(s) for the REAL second-gen Aurora.

  6. desmo Avatar

    In 10 years time we will find Porsche Taycans instead of Auroras in the parking lot. Then we will have to be cautious not to crash into that wheeled walker that always stands beside the Porsche.

  7. Peter Stiff Avatar
    Peter Stiff

    I couldn’t tell if it was satire or not and frankly I don’t care long enough to read that far. your article sucks your article sucks your article sucks I took you off my news feed

    1. Sjalabais Avatar

      That comment came across as rather…stiff.

  8. 1984resident Avatar

    If this is true, someone inventive will perhaps do a body kit to turn Auroras into Taycans, then your theory shall be proven, sir. Until then, its all theory