Nissan has announced a plan to get itself back on track. The automaker knows it’s in terrible shape at the moment and Nissan CEO Makoto Uchida believes a four-part plan is what the ailing brand needs. Is it enough? We’re the wrong ones to ask, but we are excited to see the arrival of a fresh Z car.

In a Twitter video announcing the new plan, Nissan shows that it has committed to 12 models for its transformative lineup. The video highlights a handful of cars from A to Z. It’s that Z we’re most interested in learning more about. The next Z needs to get here as soon as possible, as the current 370Z is ancient. It offers no compelling reason for purchase over any of its potential competition, and I say that as a long-time Z car lover.

Here’s to hoping the new car is a proper evolution over the current one. And now’s a great time for the Z to make a comeback, as the Supra has opened the door to JDM sports car imagination… but maybe haven’t executed as perfectly as some had hoped.

Close-up of the badge of the Next Nissan Z

Teaser of the next Nissan Z

Line of next Nissan models

One letter notably absent from that video above? G. Looks like the GT-R isn’t getting the attention it too deserves. That makes sense, however, given that Nissan needs to right this ship and a halo supercar isn’t what Mr. K would be ordering.