Recently, Rivian created a little publicity event with one of their white R1T test trucks that was covered with various outdoorsy designs. With the help of some paint pens, it became full of color like a giant coloring book in no time. What makes this so smart to me is that it really shows the personality fo the brand. Of course, they are targeting the hardcore adventurous people that want to save the environment, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have it for your family too.

I think companies forget that people use their trucks for more than just towing and lifting. Every F-150 commercial is just like, BAM look how strong my truck is. I can carry dirt and tow and a rocket ship! Rivian has shown that their cars can do all that but now you get to see it in a family environment that might also be important to the buyer. Very smart and very well done.

If you want more details about Rivian you can check out my comparison with Tesla’s Cybertruck here!

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