Last Call: The Cybertruck Hot Wheel is pretty cool

Mattel, the company that makes Hot Wheels, has recently come out with something special, a Cybertruck. It’s honestly super smart from a marketing perspective. They recognized how much attention comes with Elon Musk and Tesla so why not make something new for the fans to play with. They’re coming out with a 1/10th scale remote-controlled version for a hefty $400 along with a 1/64th version for $20.

The 1/10th-scale version is already sold out. Seeing how fast they went, however, I don’t doubt more are coming.

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    1. Plowing tends to be hard on the transmission, much like towing, and the Gladiator wouldn’t be my first choice in a tow vehicle.

      1. Might be a better choice than you think – yes, hard on automatic transmissions but not manuals (provided you don’t ride the clutch). Wranglers/Gladiators still run a solid axle front end (plowing tends to be really tough on IFS), and they have a VERY tight turning radius.

        Unless you have to deal with lake effect snow or mountain snow where totals are measured in feet and not inches, I think a Gladiator makes a lot of sense. My plow vehicle is an 800 Polaris Ranger, and unless we get big drifts, it works exceptionally well and a Gladiator is certainly more capable.

  1. I’m no wedge hater– the Lancia Stratos, Lambo Countach, and DeTomaso Pantera are all poster-worthy cars, in my opinion. But the Cybertruck does nothing for me. I don’t care what scale it’s available in, I would have no interest in buying it.

    1. I just can’t get past the 8 bit Nintendo look. (well, that and the real lack of actual “truck” qualities like long range towing and hauling and box usage and rear head room and on and on

  2. That’s some solid pricing on the model, but it sure fits the Hot Wheel line…I found something peculiar in my vacation pictures that I hadn’t really noticed before: While on a mountain top, I observed people sliding around on an ice track. Zooming into the handful of pictures I took of that, it turns out, there were some SUVs with roofboxes, too. Not the first vehicles I think of for that kind of entertainment, but I love the idea of family fathers and mothers letting lose.

    A little video (I thought it was 3-4 kms away, but I just measured the distance on a map and this was filmed with a distance of 7-8 kms):

    This is the location:

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