Ken Block’s ELECTRIKHANA: High Stakes Playground; Las Vegas

The Hoonigan Media Machine is back at it, and this time HHIC Ken Block is back at the wheel. While they made it sound like the Gymkhana franchise was being handed over to Travis Pastrana, it’s clear that there is still some petrol left in Block’s tank. Only this time, there is only electricity, as Kenny from the Block (sorry) is hooning an EV, much like Vaughn Gittin Jr. did last year. Block is now an Audi man (which is readily apparent in ever scene) and the latest film is based in Las Vegas. It starts with Block unplugging his new Audi S1 HOONITRON, an all-electric tire shredder.

The 800 volt, bi-motor, AWD Hoonitron departs silently with just some tire noise and a sinister whirring sound. I do miss the cracks and pops of the EcoBoost rally cars and the fire breathing Hoonicorn and Hoonitruck. A garage exit is quickly followed up by some sideways action around the Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino.

Oddly enough, all of the interior cameras look grainy, or perhaps like there is something on the lens. It’s an uncharacteristically poor view, almost looks like they were from one of Block’s rally cars and not on a high-budget gymkhana film.

Still, there are some great glamour shots of the Las Vegas strip with the tire-smoking Hoonitron sliding around.

Oh and there are a lot of Audis.

I think my favorite bit is when he does literal donuts in the lobby of a casino.

Unfortunately there isn’t a ton of variety, it’s mostly just drifts and donuts. At one point Block circles around a boxing ring on top of a parking garage whacking heavy bags.

But that’s about it. There isn’t much of a sense of danger, it all feels very controlled and safe. Which makes sense, it probably was. Block isn’t getting any younger, so I imagine a lot of this is orchestrated to keep the massive franchise owner in good health. I just didn’t have that sense of excitement and never cringed with joy as he came close to an obstacle. Regardless, it’s a fun way to spend nine-minutes and 35 seconds though, so I recommend a watch.

OH right, the video. Here you go, let us know in the comments what you thought:

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