I’m a big Gymkhana fan. It’s just about the most fun automotive media production I’ve seen, perhaps ever. However, I’ve wondered how they would keep it fresh. Critics will say it’s largely the same thing each time, Ken Block siding around in a different location. For the “turned up to 11” Gymkhana 2020 version, they handed the reins over to a new hoon, Travis Pastrana.

And they did it in a place much closer to my hometown, Annapolis, MD. Until a few years ago, I lived in Southern MD and spent a ton of time downtown where Pastrana kicks off his session. In fact, the picture of the NSX parked at the valet in my recent review was at Pussers, which is just over the bridge on the right as Pastrana was escorted into town. They start things off big with a massive jump over the harbor, with a Hoonigan boat underneath (there planes later!).

It stays good, with some tandem donuts with the new 2022 BRZ, and then a wheel that literally gets hung out over the water in a way Block never quite did. It’s a ton of fun and ends at Pastranaland, his own personal playground near Annapolis. While Block looked bored in the car, Pastrana looks intense, perhaps terrified, while doing these stunts. OK, enough of my yammering, just watch, this is good.