John Deere updates Gator UTV lineup for 2021 model year

The UTV (“Utility Terrain Vehicle”), or side-by-side as it’s commonly referred to, is one of the hottest vehicles on sale in any market. It’s also a market that happens to be extremely, wildly competitive. Manufacturers battle for the crown of biggest and most powerful, with annual updates to their machines and a nonstop push to improve and refine these units. UTV makers cover a widespread, from recreation-only to do-it-all, and one of the sleepers is coming in strong with its updated models.

John Deere is, aside from also being the leading household name in farm and agricultural machinery, a well-established producer of side-by-sides. Their Gator lineup of UTVs has been around for decades. Though they’re not the most trail-focused vehicles available, they maintain a stance as a strong, durable, and versatile option for those who want their four-wheel-drive utility vehicle to be capable of both work and play. And for the 2021 model year, the Gators are even more appealing.

Upgrades to the 2021 Gators include an all-new instrument cluster that provides more info in a more legible manner, improved shift operation, switch-activated four-wheel-drive, improved power steering units, and so on. Each of these upgrades helps to bring the Gator UTVs closer to an automotive feel and to set them aside from competitors in allowing for a comfortable, familiar layout that the user will find easy to acclimate to and use regularly. All in all, these updates/upgrades should make the John Deere suite of SxS models even more usable, more capable, and more of what buyers expect from the brand’s offerings.

I have spent some time on the trail with riding buddies who have had older Gator models and they have fared very well in not just the easy stuff, but on the tough obstacles as well. I look forward to testing the 2021 Gator UTVs for myself in the near future and, of course, will report back with my findings. If they perform anywhere near as well as they look and as the level of equipment offered, the updates Gators should be good.

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4 responses to “John Deere updates Gator UTV lineup for 2021 model year”

    1. Ross Ballot Avatar
      Ross Ballot

      My mind always goes to Gator McKlusky.

  1. Vairship Avatar

    Are you allowed to wrench on these yourself? Or are they like the other John Deere vehicles and you don’t have a right-to-repair?

    1. Wayne Moyer Avatar
      Wayne Moyer

      Now there is a damned good question. I think about that every time I see the big ones on the farms. That’s especially knowing the skills of the farmers out in the areas that I live. They could tear them down and put them back together better than the factory.

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