The UTV world is blowing up. Multi-purpose units are sales kings, but the sports segment is rapidly becoming more crowded. Honda has waded into the fray with its new Honda Talon two-passenger sport SxS.

There are two options here; the 1000R and the 1000X. Both are powered by the same 999-cc inline-twin, which makes 104 horsepower at the crank. It’s backed up by a dual-clutch gearbox and sends power out to the wheels via 2WD or an intelligent 4WD system, which is selectable via a switch on the dash.

The 1000X is for more narrow trail running, while the 1000R is for open-desert blasting. Honda have fitted both with Fox Podium suspension. But the 1000R gets more rear travel. Four inches more, in fact, with 20-inches of travel in total.

Each version rips. Honda will sell you a 1000X for $19,999 or the 1000R for $20,990. You’ll have a blast in either one.

I certainly did.

[DisclaimerHonda flew me to Vegas then quickly shuttled me out to St. George, Utah. I was put up in a hotel and fed. Also, we were given alcohol in the evening, but the law shut the taps down at 10pm… Utah, you’re pretty but your laws are lame.]