Tim Allen loves cars. One celebrity who might love them a bit more, at least in terms of quantity doled out, is Jay Leno. Back in the 1990s, the two sat down for a taping of Leno’s Tonight Show. Each mentioned their affinity for cars before discussing the enjoyment that comes with laying a nice fat stripe of rubber.

So the two decided to see who could still put down some tire. The only problem, according to the two men, is that each had brought their respective spouse’s car to the taping.

Tim lined up in a Saleen-modified Ford Mustang and Jay Leno sat in blue and white Shelby Cobra. And then the NBC studio lot was treated to noise, smoke, and tire-provided ground graffiti. After some scouring, it appears that the Saleen Fox body in question was actually a Saleen press car. Tim was a great customer of Saleen, so it’s no surprised they let him borrow a vehicle for this spot. That Cobra? It’s probably Jay’s own, but I didn’t dig deeper on that one.

Either way, set down your pogs for a minute, mute that ALF rerun, and click play on the video above.