I know in my bones that I’m a Toyota guy. There’s something about my Midwest roots where I’m going to make a reliable, practical choice. But there will forever be something about the shape of a Land Rover Defender 110. Expedition Portal has this particular model listed for sale.

This 5 door County Station Wagon originally lived in France and then with a German couple was converted for overland travel and had a Dormobile conversion added in the UK. After touring Europe it was sold to an importer in the U.S.

Engine Swap

The original 2.5 diesel engine was swapped out for a 300Tdi. The seller says that you will see 22 mpg and the larger tanks give it a range of 600+ miles. The engine has 38,000 miles on it since the swap.



The German couple added maple wood cabinets with plenty of storage. There is also a secret compartment that if we showed you now wouldn’t make it secret. there is an electric fridge/freezer that can be converted to the full freezer if needed. A diesel stove and heater use a separate 2.6-gallon diesel tank are also installed but haven’t been used yet.

The Dormobile deploys in seconds. It creates nine feet of standing room and the sleeping area features twin bunks that can accommodate a person up to 6’4″ & 250 lbs. I’d fit.


This truck also has an aftermarket air conditioning system from Rovers North. There’s also a Momo steering wheel. Scheel-mann seats are there too. I’ve never sat in one, but they seem to be the seat of choice for those that can afford them.



The Defender was revitalized when it was imported in the U.S. There is a solar panel located on top of the lockable and removable aluminum storage box on top. It even has a winch.


I’ve never driven a 110 and from what I have heard they don’t drive like they look. But golly, they look fantastic. when I get some extra space, I might need to pick up a project Defender just to ogle. Maybe even go test drive the new Defender.