In 2017, a short video appeared on the Internet. It showed a Bugatti Chiron doing something massively impressive. The car went from a standstill up to 400 km/h and then back down to 0. While that bit is neat, the fact the Chiron accomplished this in just 42 seconds is even more amazing. What really captured my attention at the time, however, was the footage used in the video.

It’s wonderfully cinematic. The music is perfectly matched to the dramatic content shown. All of the shots work so well and having Juan Pablo Montoya star alongside the car itself is just another treat. But how do you capture car-to-car footage of a vehicle going 250 miles per hour?

The team behind the spot has published a video detailing just that. And it’s as simple as you’d expect. You use two Chirons. One with a gimbal mounted to the back to capture the star car.

Even with that bit spoiled (and is it really spoiled), the whole video is a great behind-the-scenes look at how something like this comes together. Take a look, it’s worth your time.