The Bugatti Chiron has broken through the 300 mph barrier

Two hundred miles per hour used to be the mark. It was the land of supercars or heavily modified machines. Now you have Dodge sedans that can see more than a double century on the speedometer. Bugatti has pushed past that and on into new territory. Driver Andy Wallace has driven a Bugatti Chiron to a top speed of 304.77 mph.

This is not a production-spec car, mind you. The bodywork was altered so that the rear spoiler remains fixed in place. The exhaust was modified, and the passenger seat was removed. Per Jalopnik, a roll cage was also installed.

More importantly, perhaps, are the special tires worn by the Chiron. Michelin has created a purpose-built set of Pilot Cup 2 tires. The needs of a tire at 300+ mph must be exacting and serious. But these tires are up to the task since the driver and car accomplished the task at hand.

Check out the run in the Top Gear video above. It all seems downright serene as Wallace and the Chiron motor on to 489 kilometers per hour!

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3 responses to “The Bugatti Chiron has broken through the 300 mph barrier”

  1. desmo Avatar

    This only counts when repeated and with James May at the wheel.

  2. Wayward David Avatar
    Wayward David

    The cockpit seems eerily quiet for that speed.

  3. Lokki Avatar

    Speed is Money: How fast can you spend?

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