Living in the COVID era means we enthusiasts have to be a bit more clever when it comes to get-togethers. With things just starting to open back up, we may still be a way out from attending the local Cars and Coffee.  Hot Wheels looked to solve that by partnering with Hoonigan to host a virtual car show on 16 March. The winner is something else.

Chris built this …uh, car(?) in his garage in just 60 days, before debuting it at the Las Vegas RatCity Ruckus Show. Nicknamed the “Hulk-Camino,” the car is made from all ’59 El Camino sheet metal and is powered by a small-block Chevrolet engine (natch). There is a 700R4 Monster Transmission and independent front suspension with coil-over shocks. Add some de-rigueur American racing wheels and Mickey Thompson tires and this ‘59 El Camino is a true life-sized Hot Wheels!

Click here to watch the full judging video. It’s very long but they cover some great stuff. Plus, you’re bored right now anyway.