I saw this post today and it totally took me back to my childhood. Hot Wheels were so cool and what made them even cooler was that my dad had a decent collection too. I remember he had a Trans Am and all the Corvettes, but I also remember I had some that weren’t even real cars which is pretty lame. Though I’m sure there was something about shark fins and green windows that appealed to my childhood brain. But, I do wish I that had a more real models looking back.

This set specifically stuck out to me since I love the Datsun 2000 roadster and am saving up for an Evo X right now so I would love to have these. I was never a Matchbox kind of kid but I’m curious how many people had/preferred those to Hot Wheels and if you still have them now. I’m saving mine and my dads to someday pass on to my kids.

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