Hooniverse Asks: Which bad car has the best owner base?

A few weeks back, I asked you which good car has the worst owner base. It seems a lot of us feel the same way about Tesla owners at the moment. Others offered up Corvette owners, while Porsche 911 and Harley-Davidson owners seemed to round out the rest of the general consensus. Today I want to flip this question around though, and find out which “bad car” has the best owner group.

Yes, Doc Harrell, I’m sure you’ll do well here today. Even if we all actually love your cars.

The Delorean is actually a pretty mediocre car. But every owner I’ve met is so excited to talk about their cars. To share their passion for their DMC-12. Lada Niva owners, the ones owning them for fun or ironically at least, seem to be having a good time. My Montero, which I don’t think is bad but I could see arguments against it, could be another example, as the owner base is eager to share parts and lend a helping hand wherever possible.

So what are some “bad cars” owned by good people? Sound off below.

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