I don’t love posting Hooniverse Asks questions that aim for negative answers. But lately the Tesla crowd seems to be growing ever more defiant, and for all the wrong reasons. First let’s look at the cars and the company itself. Tesla is a game-changing automaker. Elon Musk forced the hand of the rest of the industry, and he’s doing so for the better. Look, I love a proper V8 but our future is an electric one.

The cars have amazing range. The charging speeds are getting faster all the time. And the performance possibilities are wild. Tesla has turned the electric car into an aspirational machine that’s shaping the minds of the future automotive enthusiast.

Yet the most ardent and vocal Tesla fans seems to have an us versus the world mentality. And I believe it’s harmful to the rest of the EV space. They are quick to dismiss any non-Tesla electric vehicle. They fail to realize that Tesla needs this sort of competition to make its own vehicles even better. But if you speak up against the cult of Elon, you’re quickly dismissed as a Tesla short.

I own exactly zero stock in any automaker. I want Tesla to succeed. I also want other automakers to do well, because this is very much a rising tide and lifting ships scenario here.

That mini rant is a long way to get to my question for today; What’s the best car with the worst group of owners? Tomorrow, I’ll have a similar question by the reverse to stem this pending negativity in the comments below.