Remember the Lil Red Express? It was a blip on the radar, production-wise, but it remains one of the coolest trucks ever produced. A 360 cubic-inch V8 mounted under the hood fed a pair of smoke-stack style exhaust pipes and meaty rear tires. The Lil Red Express also employed the cam from a 340, a handful of parts from police-spec engines, and a beefy 9.25″ rear axle. It may have been the last true muscle car from the prior era of over-powered street beasts, built as gas prices began to soar.

The Lil Red Express remains a shining beacon of automotive hope. It should never have been, but it did happen, and it remains wonderous.

It’s one of my favorite trucks ever produced. I don’t know if it’s my all-time number favorite truck, but it’s high up on the list. Other trucks include my previously owned 1965 F0rd F100, the SRT10 Ram (which is a spiritual link to the Lil Red Express), and the Ford Raptor. What are some of your favorite trucks?