Truck Central: I drive my old 1965 Ford F100 (AKA HoonTruck)

As part of my work reviewing trucks for Truck Central, I drive all sorts of new pickups and SUVs. This time, however, it’s time to kick it old school… and familiar. I reached out to the gent that purchased my 1965 Ford F100 and he was happy to let me come over and drive the old rig.
The new owner uses the pickup as a classically cool surf truck. He installed the Mexican blanket seat that I never got around to putting on, but otherwise he hasn’t had much time to upgrade or fix any of the niggling issues. He plans to have a bedliner sprayed in the rear, which makes sense considering he’s going to be hauling salty surfboards to and from the beach.
The HoonTruck is still loud. It still runs nice and cool. And it’s still a blast to drive around. Oh, and it still burps out oil smoke from the left side exhaust outlet. The new owner will be addressing that in the very near future, likely with an engine rebuild.
Do I miss it? Sure, a little bit. 

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2 responses to “Truck Central: I drive my old 1965 Ford F100 (AKA HoonTruck)”

  1. Zentropy Avatar

    I sincerely love me some FE big blocks. Nothing sounds quite as sweet to my ear. You’re right about more horsepower than noise, but the torque was just massive.
    I’m thinking my ’97 Ranger had the last year for the compact-truck Twin I-Beam suspension. The setup was rugged as hell, and I actually preferred it to the control arms that came later.

  2. 0A5599 Avatar

    The smoke might not be from the engine.

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