Hooniverse Asks: What’s the first thing you do when you buy a new project car?

The truck needs some attention in the front end. I haven’t given it an oil change yet. I’ve only just washed it, but it’s slated to rain again here in Southern California so it wasn’t a deep cleaning. The interior needs a bath, and I’ve got to source a fresh center gauge pod to fix the inclinometer. Sure, I also need to source wheels and tires still too. Where do I start?

Where do you start when you get your hands on a fresh project car? I know that I should start by checking and changing the various fluids. But I think a simple wash is an easy way to get a bit closer with your new purchase. You’ll find dents you didn’t see initially, but you also might find that the paint is in pretty good shape all things considered.

Where I actually started on my Montero, is with a swap of fresh lights up front. It’s a bit important to be able to see when the sun goes to bed. Next up, I’ll be removing that brush guard and setting out to figure why the front end is a bit wobbly. Also, it feels like I may not have full turning lock to the left.

Regardless, the truck has been quite enjoyable to date. It’s running and driving well, and I’m excited to make it do both even better.

But back to the question at hand; what’s the first thing you do when you buy a new project car?

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