Hooniverse Asks: Should we overland when outbacking isn’t enough?

Following the transformation of the Subaru Legacy wagon into the Subaru Outback, the world has lost its mind. Suddenly everyone wanted, no they needed, a vehicle that was capable enough to effortlessly power through anything that the suburban jungle could throw at them. And in recent times it’s getting worse, with the whole ridiculous overlanding trend and the safari-ing all the things that shouldn’t be safari‘d.

I’d be a total hypocrite if I said that I didn’t like some aspect of it. Or that there weren’t days that I wish I had a Raptor as my city commuter car.

The question I have today is – is simply Outbacking vehicles enough anymore? By that I mean, when automakers show a model with a slightly higher ride height, knobby tires, and blacked-out moldings – is that enough? Or so people want more?

I found the above image on Instagram somewhere. I like the the jacked-up Forester and decided to tweet it, because that’s what I do. But the responses were really surprising – people loved the the damn thing. So, should automakers go beyond just Outback-ing all the things?

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