Genesis has taken a few cracks at this now. The first was as a quasi-sub-model sitting atop the Hyundai lineup. Next, it was a half-hearted attempt to make Genesis its own brand. Now, the lineup has been revamped. The styling is unique. Those cabin spaces are excellent. And the driving experience is strong. Yet Genesis is still able to deliver a damn-near shocking amount of vehicle at a great price relative to its competition. I think Genesis is here to stay now, and the latest proof of this isn’t even the car in the picture above… it’s the one in the video below:


I got a look at the new GV70 (for Autotrader, I’m doing videos over there too y’all) and I came away incredibly impressed. Genesis is stuffing the same engines from the larger GV80 into the smaller GV70 and not skimping on any of the luxuries. It’s an impressive machine that I cannot wait to sample out on the road.

What say you… Do you think Genesis has finally figured out a solid formula for success?