Hooniverse Asks: Car-related holiday gifts, what are your favorites?

You’re likely identified as a “car person”. That means someone wants to get you a “car gift”, but what do you think you’d actually want?

A nice, trustworthy jumper pack is always a good option. You keep one of those in your trunk, and you’re ready to go even if your battery is not. Additionally, for less money, a solid set of jumper cables is a smart gift and easy to stow in one’s trunk. If you live in a colder climate, perhaps you’d love a set of winter tires. It’s likely though, that you already have your winter tires on. In that case, maybe you should purchase a set for a love one.

Tools are always appreciated. And they range from super cheap to wow, why did you spend that much on me? All of us would love a lift in our garage, but maybe you don’t have the money and space. A BendPack Quick Jack isn’t cheap, but it’s more realistic than a full-on four-post lift and all the YouTube car folks seem to love them:

BendPak QuickJack BL-5000SLX Portable Lift – 110 Volt, 2 1/2-Ton Capacity, Model Number BL-5000SLX 110V

Finally, maybe you just want some car-related swag. Sure, you could support your favorite slacker-ass website that needs to get its shit together buy buying something from our Blipshift Partner Store. Or just find some other cool stuff and share it in the comments below.

Seriously, tell us about all the good “car person” gifts you can think of in the comments below.


  1. Several years ago, my wife got me a track driving experience, a few laps on Mosport’s (sorry, Canadian Tire Motorsports Park’s) smaller track. As they sold it as a “police car pursuit” experience or something like that, it was a few laps in either an old Panther or a slightly less old 5.7L Charger. I just checked, and there’s coupons to do similar again for $69 CDN, and of course, at the same time, you can step up to several higher degrees of sports or supercar for 2-3 times the cost, add extra laps, whatever. Still, it’s a fun experience to chuck someone else’s car around a track.

    1. My suggestion as well, unless you want to sneak a car with a decorative bow into my driveway while I sleep.

  2. I always enjoy historical car books. Some that come to mind right away would be “He Crashed Me So I Crashed Him Back” about the 1979 Nascar season and “Rallye Sport Fords” which is actually a coffee table book, but a good explainer of Ford’s rally history.

  3. I’m of the firm opinion (for the past half-century) that gifts should not be practical things. No tools, no spare tires, no Peleton exercise machines, no external drives, kitchenware, etc. The gift-giving holidays are supposed to pry you out of the day-to-day reality of your life and put you in some fantasy world where you’re the royal highness.

    Silly car t-shirts, useless tchotchkes from the J.C. Whitney catalog (fake toggle switches labelled “Chain Gun” FTW!), Vanillarama air fresheners… that kind of stuff.

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