Hooniverse Asks: Are you interested in the GMC Hummer EV?

You’ve heard the news. The Hummer name is coming back. It’s to be reborn as an electric vehicle. The GMC Hummer EV is set to make its debut on May 5th. Are you interested to see what shows up?

The specs are certainly intriguing. GM says it’s electric truck will run from 0-60 in three seconds. 1,000 horsepower is on tap. And the torque is a mind boggling 11,500 lb-ft. That figure must be measured at the wheels, which is lame since no one measures torque there.

Regardless, this electric Hummer should prove to be an interesting beast. Are you curious to learn more? Are you interested in the GMC Hummer EV?


    1. I had one of these.

      With electric vehicles, in addition to any mechanical/friction braking, there’s also regenerative braking–essentially turning the motors into battery charging generators. So probably pretty substantial, based on my experience with Power Wheels.

  1. Can it do a tank turn? Tank turn is the new gold standard for electric trucks. No tank turn no sale.

  2. Definitely. I drive a 2017 JKU as my daily driver, I’d definitely consider this (and the new Bronco) in the future. I drive less than 3 miles to my day job, so range isn’t a massive deal. I like the idea of a big burly SUV that’s also electric.

  3. Nope. An electric powertrain is ill-suited for anything I need an SUV for, and as a commuter, it is too big with way more battery than I would need. The only times I need an SUV, I am towing and/or traveling a long distance. An electric Hummer would be more efficient as a daily driver than my current SUV, but far less efficient than a purpose-built commuter.

    As is the case with most electric vehicle offerings, it will be both way too much and not nearly enough. The closest anyone offers to what I would want in an electric car is the new Mini. It is an electric car focused on what electric cars do best. An electric car will never be a 100% use-case vehicle (nothing really is), but something like the Mini would meet 95% of my needs, and spending several times as much to bring that number to 97% is a terrible value.

    1. Is that an actual miasma surrounding your ZAP Xebra? A nebulous shroud of bad news that won’t blow away?

        1. The real question is: what happened to the registration? Do you still get yearly reminders to pay the registration for a Xebra?

          1. Yes. On the bright side, if a market ever develops for Xebra clones constructed around original data plates and paperwork, I’m set.

          2. I hear those Xebras are getting to be rare so they’re sure to skyrocket in value!

  4. Interested as in see-what-stupid-things-respected-strangers-can-do-with-it? Yes. The insane numbers GM has announced leave no room to ignore such a beast.

    Interested as in purchasing one new? “Nopety nope”, would my boy say.

  5. I’m interested to see the market actually become a market, with the novelty bonus gone and OEM’s making price competitive EV vehicles. As it is, I’d been hoping Ford would make a Falcon wagon of sorts for years, looks like they may have done so with the Mach-E, so they have my attention. I’ll also be watching what Hummer and Rivian churn out once they are beyond vaporware.

  6. What’s the raaaaang– oh who am I kidding? I could never afford one even if I wanted one, regardless of the range.

  7. no, anyplace I need serious towing or hauling is going to be a long way from a charging station

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