Now is the time to wrench on your project cars. Or so it would seem. I feel like I have less time at the moment and that’s because there’s a four-year-old kid running around here and my wife and I are trying to keep her occupied. Not with a wave of the hand and a device, but with some structure. Easier said than done at times, but it definitely limits the amount of work I’d like to be doing on other things. Like, say, figuring out my throttle issues on the Montero…

I’m further hampered by the fact that my garage is currently occupied by “stuff”. A literal day or two before COVID put us all in lockdown, my wife and I were about to list our condo for sale and put an offer on a house. The condo was staged for a pending open-house weekend, so I’d moved other stuff into the garage and kicked the Montero to the street.

We never listed. Our house is now half-staged, half back to normal. And I don’t have room to do work on my truck in the garage. Which is annoying because my idle sits higher than I’d like right now and… actually wait, I’ll talk about the Montero in another post today. For now, let’s get back to the original question posed by the title of this post.

Are you getting any work done on your project cars or daily drivers right now? It seems like a good time to do so. Let us know in the comments below!