My old Gen-1 Mitsubishi Montero is getting a bit of work done. The truck is at the same shop where my Benz wagon is hibernating. But work is underway on Tony Montero. A few months back I bought a set of Fox 2.0 shocks from a company called Accutune. Now those shocks are finally going in.

Here is how one of the front shocks looks mounted on the truck. The upper and lower shock mounts required a bit of work. Actually, the top mount needed to be completely fabricated for this to work. While the truck is in there, the A-arm bushings and ball joints are getting replaced as well. Also, the shop will finally take a look at my steering to see why I have more angle turning right than I do turning left. It’s likely that a prior owner did some steering work and didn’t line things back up properly when finished.

I’m excited to get this thing back and see just how differently the fresh suspension feels. Should I have also upgraded the rear springs at this time? Sure. But we will get to that in short order. And that’s a job I can do at home myself. Okay, maybe with minor supervision. Whatever.

When the truck is bolted back up, I’ll head out to a few trails I know and put this thing to work. Video, pics, and more to follow. Stay tuned!