Galpin Auto Sport has a Ranger Raptor alternative; the Ranger X

The new Ranger is really good. A Ranger Raptor is the one we want though, and Ford hasn’t announced that one for our market just yet. It’s coming. It has to be, as the Blue Oval brand would be bananas not to bring it our way. Until that time comes, a handful of folks are sure to be offering modified Rangers along the way. One of the first we’ve seen comes from California’s Galpin Motors and it’s Galpin Auto Sports (GAS) division. Meet the Ranger X.

This one doesn’t quite go as far as we’d like, but it certainly beefs up the Ranger to an entertaining level. On the outside, GAS swapped on a Raptor-style grille and paired it with a much more aggressive bumper from Addictive Desert Design. There’s a matching rear bumper from them as well. You have the requisite LED light bar sitting below the snout, because of course you do.

Talking tires…

At the corners, this Ranger wears a set of 17-inch wheels wearing 285/70/17 ProComp all-terrain tires. They fit easily because the Ranger has been given a slight lift through a ProComp Leveling kit. Those fender flares? They come from the Ford Accessories catalog.

It wouldn’t be a Ranger Raptor-esque machine if it wasn’t wearing the splash graphic over the rear fender. Though personally, I’d ditch that and run the black paint as is. And it won’t be cheap to run this one, of course. If you want one of your own, you’ll be shelling out an additional $13,950 over the price of the truck itself. While that’s a ton of money, you do still have a fully warrantied truck. Galpin will sell you a new truck, or you can bring in your previously purchased Ranger to transform it into a Ranger X. Of course, there are more options along the way if you want to go even more crazy.

If we were doing this, we’d swap in the powertrain from the Focus RS. Pair that with a set of Fox Shocks, beefy all-terrain tires (KO2s would be our choice, or possibly KM3s), and start playing in the dirt. That though, would be quite expensive to pull off. So for now, the Ranger X is a fun alternative until the real-deal Ranger Raptor makes its domestic marking landing for dirt-time fun.

Since this isn’t a real Ranger Raptor, I’d have a hard time springing for this one over the new Jeep Gladiator. Maybe we can suss out some seat time to see if its worth the dough… stay tuned.

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