Transmission tunnel mount in the Formula Supra

Formula Supra: Installing the engine and transmission

Formula Supra is coming along nicely. Ryan Tuerck and his team are fabricating and figuring things out. You don’t simply slap a wicked Judd V10 into the engine bay of a car with a few turns of a wrench. Along the way you need to figure out how things will fit, leave room for other things down the road, and make sure it all works and will hold up to the demands that are to come. And Tuerck’s main fab artist Dom is getting it done.

There’s not a ton of space to make it all fit. Yet the team continues to find a way. And one of my favorite parts of this portion of the project is the transmission mount Dom has created. It’s a work of art that most people are not going to see. Hidden deep underneath the car, it’s a lovely piece of metal made to hold up the back of the gearbox.

We’re inching closer to hearing this thing fire up and get those rear wheels blasting. Stay tuned for more on this amazing build.

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4 responses to “Formula Supra: Installing the engine and transmission”

  1. neight428 Avatar

    The thing with needing to clock the starter for clearance resonates into the whole car building experience. They, of course, have talent and resources, but when I was faced with something about 5% as complex, dread, doom and loathing enveloped my whole project.

  2. Zentropy Avatar

    I hate to knock this build, because it really is a fantastic project requiring some impressive engineering. But given that such a phenomenal power plant is being dropped into that trollish little knob-nosed Supra… sorry, that kills it for me.
    I mean, if they were putting it in a BMW E9, Volvo 140, or hell even a Lada– just something remotely cool– I’d be game. Putting it in a new Supra is like using your wife’s deodorant… just go without, dude.

    1. neight428 Avatar

      All I can figure is that Toyota (or someone) is paying him to use that chassis and/or it plays well with the rest of the brand for the series and/or fans/sponsors. That said, I like the Supra a lot more than I used to. If it weren’t actually a BMW, I’d like it even more.

      1. Zentropy Avatar

        It’s way too overstyled, way too trendy, way too… Toyota for my liking. Toyota simply tries too hard with their designs these days. The old Supras were clean and handsome, not flashy and frivolous. This one looks like the automotive equivalent of mid-80s Madonna.