ford bronco letter

Ford has no idea when Bronco orders will be fulfilled

Just after 2:00pm on Friday before the Memorial Day weekend, Ford sent the above email to those with new Ford Broncos on order. It says nothing of value, really. It says they’re having issues. It is written in a rather casual manner, as if it was a known fact to those who have ordered. And they’re not wrong.

Reading it, one can almost hear the joint frustration and anger of the people responsible for this vehicle. No one wanted it to be this way and I am certain everyone did whatever they could to make the production schedule. It’s a crazy world we’re living in.

I emailed my dealer to see what would happen to my order if I opted for a soft top. In the mean time, there is the RC Bronco.

Traxxas 2021 Ford Bronco is awesome and unlike the real Bronco, you can get it now

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3 responses to “Ford has no idea when Bronco orders will be fulfilled”

  1. HardSell Avatar

    Ford is 20 years overdue. We Wrangler owners thank Ford for kicking Jeep in the butt with all the vaporware. On the other hand, Jeep is proving that it may someday produce the right OffRoadVehicle after it and its fanboys have bought and tried everything else, but that’s still probably further away than Bronco deliveries. Jeep’s infamy is having all the right components available to build all the Wronglers we see today. Meanwhile, I’ll continue to TJR until Stellantis offers something that’s TJ modernized, dependable, simple, easy to repair, economical and capable.

  2. Neight428 Avatar

    I’m understanding better why OEM’s are loathe to let anyone know about their interesting stuff before every contingency is marked off. They teased it as a 2020 model (hinting at a 2019 release) back in January of 2017. It will functionally be a 2022 model, and the CEO isn’t even busying himself with spaceships and flamethrowers.

  3. bill43 Avatar

    Worst introduction since the diesel F150, now enter the Maverick and Ford will again step on it’s tail.