Those who pre-ordered their 2021 Ford Bronco still have to wait a bit until deliveries start. But that should not stop anyone from buying this awesome Traxxas 2021 Ford Bronco radio controlled truck. The 1/10 scale rig was just introduced and it features some amazing detail and typical Traxxas TRX4 abilities.

The truck starts off with a 1.5mm steel ladder frame, just like the real truck, with molded cross members. Plastic floor pans integrate with the wheels wells, keep debris out of the chassis tray. Aluminum shocks with height-adjustable coil springs may put the real Bronco’s High-Performance Off-Road Stability Suspension to shame. The suspension links are steel, too. And then things get really cool…


Unlike the real Bronco, the RC Bronco has live axles front and back. And that’s fine because no one is really going to care about the ride comfort of this thing. In an off-road environment, especially the crawling kind, stick axles offer articulation that independent suspension will have trouble matching. What makes this truck really cool is that at the ends of each axle are portal axles.

Portal axles lift the rig up and significantly increase the ground clearance. The differential pumpkins are further off the ground while retaining proper driveshaft angles. Having the driveshafts higher also raises the center, allowing for easier traversing of obstacles. This also allows the use bigger tires. In real world, Unimogs have portal axles. Unfortunately, portal axles are not very practical in street vehicles and are rather complex, heavy, and costly.




Because most kids people will use this toy on pavement and off-road, the RC Bronco has a two-speed transmission. The high speed gear allows for faster pavement play and lower gear allows more control when crawling around in the woods. The whole thing is propelled by a beefy, torque-y electric motor. All components mounted within the chassis are waterproof, too. It means that you can ford some waters in your Ford.

Oh, one more thing. Those stick axles have LOCKING DIFFERENTIALS(!!!), just like the real Bronco with the Sasquatch package. They are turned on and off from the controller. The transmission is also controlled remotely. That controller is also compatible with a Wireless Module that allows for smartphone integration.


Traxxas went to town on the details. The Ford licensed rig is amazingly detailed with Sasquatch wheels wearing mud-terrain tires, just like the real truck. The body, with clear windows, is attached to the chassis without clips, which is great as the clips always get lost. There is the authentic-looking modular front bumper with a fake winch and recovery loops. Rock sliders are attached to the chassis and are replaceable. The spare tire is actually functional as a replacement for one of four wheels, should it be needed.

I really wasn’t planning on spending $549.95, plus battery and charger on this here Traxxas 2021 Ford Bronco but here we are. An LED light kit, with working blinkers, reverse, and high and low-beams is available for a $99, and I don’t know if I can live without it. I kind of need this.