Big trucks can be fun. Off-road-ready trucks are tons of fun. Combining those two ideas should work well, right? Two rights don’t keep the party rolling, it seems. At least not for the Ford F-250 Tremor.

This is a big-ass truck. The Ford F-250 is large and quite capable. Under the hood of my lovely red tester sits a 7.3-liter V8 dubbed Godzilla. It makes 430 horsepower and 475 lb-ft of torque, and it sounds good when you stretch the throttle pedal. It can haul, tow, shuttle, and sling plenty of weight around, and everyone in the cabin will be quite comfortable on the journey.

But this specific truck isn’t just a regular F-250. No, this one wears the nearly $4,000 extra bits that come with the Tremor package. We’re talking about underbody protection, side steps, burly wheels and tires, and different shocks. This is the “off-road” ready F-250. And that statement is stupid. If I’m going off-road, you know what I don’t want to be driving? A heavy-duty truck!

The Raptor is already amazing off-road, a large intimidating machine, and costs about the same as this Tremor. It can’t tow anywhere near as much, but I feel like the person who buys a Tremor doesn’t actually care about towing. This truck is for aesthetics. This truck is an odd flex. I do not get this truck, at all.

Especially not at its nearly $74,000 as-tested price. If you live somewhere this truck is useful and you use it as intended, by all means have fun spending your money on one. There are better options out there for off-road pickups. There are better options for towing. And if you really want an F-250 for towing and also an off-road tow, get a non-Tremor F-250, a trailer, and a Honda side-by-side.