I love the Land Rover Defender. Someday I’d like to own one. It’s fun to see how differently people modify these trucks too. Some retain that farm truck heritage while others go a bit wild. It’s the wilder ones that have been losing a bit of the plot though, and we need to have a talk.

Dear every company making restomod Defenders, please have someone on your team review the wheel choices before you finalize the build.

The truck shown above is from a company called Osprey Custom Cars. They crank out fully restored and custom-built Defenders, Broncos, and FJ Land Cruisers. The latest truck to receive their love is a 1992 Defender 110. And I’m down with 90% of the build here. Especially the LS3 V8 engine sitting under the hood.

The not-so-good

The choice of wheel here, is pretty terrible. Somehow, the design manages to make these 18-inch Kahn alloys come off looking like over-shod 20-inchers. Downsizing a little bit would make the tires look a bit beefier. Part of my issue with the wheels could be the Cooper Discoverer ATP tires. In the email I received regarding this truck, the specs say it wears 265/70R18 BFGoodrich KO2 tires. This doesn’t appear to be the case. More chunk on the rubber would go a long way for me with regards to the looks of this truck.

Moving to the inside, I have other issues.

The design of the seats is fine. But the application looks like someone hastily slipped on aftermarket seat covers. They look like they fit a bit too loosely in sections. That’s not ideal when you’re asking someone to spend $189,000 for a Land Rover Defender 110.

I’m good with the rest of the truck. The silver-on-black paint scheme works for me, and the roof rack and bars fit the aesthetic of the truck. Granted, this one will likely only get dirty when it’s running up the driveway of an Aspen ski-home. Or traversing an under-construction LA-area Whole Foods parking lot.

So to all you Defender customizers out there. If you want wheel and tire opinions, I’m here for you.