Build this LEGO Technic Lancia Stratos out of your Porsche GT3 RS

The LEGO Technic Porsche GT3 RS model is rather interesting. It’s an amazing amount of detail but yet it manages to look kind of ugly when assembled. Those of who wish for a more realistic looking model but still wanting to retain much of cool techy stuff that is there – I have some great news.

The above Lancia Stratos is made out of the Porsche GT3 RS kit. There is only part that you’d need to get and even that is optional. But look at it… just look at it. It is amazing!

To get it, you’ll need to buy the directions and one extra part, take apart your exiting GT3 RS, or buy a whole new one, while you still can, and build this.

I think it’s amazing. I always loved the Lancia Stratos and I seriously want this.


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3 responses to “Build this LEGO Technic Lancia Stratos out of your Porsche GT3 RS”

  1. Michael Stoops Avatar
    Michael Stoops

    That’s freakin’ epic!!! I love the Stratos…. I must have one of these!!!!!

  2. nanoop Avatar

    15 Euros to breathe new life and coolness into your 250euro kit? Sounds like a good deal!

  3. Kevin Perera Avatar
    Kevin Perera

    This is actually a much closer match to the real car, than the original Porsche kit – great job! Love the lime green…