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Autopia 2099: Electrified Car Show of the Future that’s Happening This Year

I love V8 engines. The noise and power are a wonderful combination that stokes my soul every time one is fired up. Still, I am not blind to the future of the automobile. In fact, I’ve begun to embrace it. The best car I drove in 2020? It was an electric Porsche. The last time I drove from coast to coast? It was in an electric Audi. If I could’ve afforded the cost to convert my 1974 Benz to electric power, I would not have sold it. I’ll own at least one gas-powered car for as long as I live, but I welcome the chance to also add other forms of energy guzzlers into my garage. And that’s why I’m excited to announce a new car show, created in part with other similarly minded folks; Autopia 2099.

Autopia 2099

We’re leaving 2020 in the rearview mirror, and heading into 2021 with at least a modicum of optimism. After this year it feels weird to be hopeful, but I think we can all hope that this year will bring a fix for the virus, a fix for the environment, a fix for our government. We’re in the early stages of the turnaround. And what better way to celebrate that than with a car show? Not just any car show, a car show for the future. A car show celebrating the future, a brighter and better future. Autopia 2099 is that show. A shining beacon on the hill to light our way forward into a more optimistic future. 

Since the dawn of the car, there have been electric cars. It just took a little bit of time—and a lot of technological advancement—for them to catch on as mainstream reliable daily transportation. It’s time to celebrate not only the best of the current crop but the full pantheon of electrified cars that got us to where we are today.

This isn’t your average everyday car show. No parking lots or golf courses. No uppity suit jacket and mint julep crowd, just a gathering of electric car appreciators. Whether you daily drive a Tesla, race an electric streamliner at Bonneville, built a solar car for your university, or swapped some lead-acid batteries and a forklift motor into a Ford Pinto as a weekend project, you’re welcome at Autopia 2099. Enjoy the future of optimism, folks. We’re all friends here. 

Innovation! Technology! Future! Today! 

Today we are pleased to announce that Autopia 2099 is coming this December. It’s a show for all cars, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles, and mobility solutions powered by electrons. Battery electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids will take priority, but there is room for hybrids and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles to join the party as well. And what a party it’s going to be. You should come! 

Here are all of the details. 

Deshi Basara | Blade Runner (1982) : Tyrell Pyramids by night...


Los Angeles, California


Early December 2021

Where Do I Find Out More:

Check out Autopia 2099 on Twitter and Instagram for announcements as they become available. 

What’s Eligible:

Anything powered by electricity. Your home-built projects, your brand new Nissan Leaf, your experimental hydrogen fuel cell inline skates, or your kid’s powerwheels, it’s all welcome. Whether you’re a hypermiler or a racer or anywhere in between, if you have an appreciation for electric propulsion, Autopia 2099 is where you want to be. 

What else:

Retrofuturism is the name of the game with this show. We’re throwing it back to bring it forward. Buck Rogers, atomic age, world’s fair, Eames chair, mid-mod, ray gun type stuff. Dress it up, dress it down, bring a good attitude. 

Our credentials:

You might want to know who we are. Autopia 2099 and the future of optimism itself, has been set into motion by Bradley Brownell (Radwood co-founder and EV Pulse contributor), Jeff Glucker (Hooniverse EIC), Ethan Tufts (Hello Road), Chad Kirchner (EV Pulse EIC), and Kevin McCauley (world-renowned artist behind Capturing The Machine). We have decades of automotive and event planning experience between us, so get ready for the best experience we can conjure. 

And don’t worry—we’ll have plenty of reminders between now and when the show goes down, but plan for early December. In the meantime, get your vaccination and stay home to make sure we defeat this virus! 

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2 responses to “Autopia 2099: Electrified Car Show of the Future that’s Happening This Year”

  1. Sjalabais Avatar

    I saw that Bradley also got himself an old Leaf and has started to pimp it in baby steps. It’s really overdue that EVs move into the mainstream, as the future arrived a while ago and, for now, is an option among several. Classic cars with simple, silent electric engines hold their own allure and I am convinced this will be a niche among many, too, in the time to come. Just how this works out will be extra interesting to follow: Do you adapt the classic to fit batteries from the scrapper, will there be Muxsan-style small batteries cluttered all across available space, or will this be a tinkerer only zone for a long time to come? And what kinds of engines…a Leaf motor or two? Or can you only replace a slant six with a Tesla machine to keep face? More about that, please, and that show will be neat to watch – from afar. Good luck!

  2. mdharrell Avatar

    Best wishes with this. The local EV meets I’ve attended have never quite gelled, with little common ground in evidence between the die-hards with homebrew projects from previous decades and the owners of current factory efforts, or indeed even between owners of different modern marques. You may want to check with Jay Lamm about how the AltThusiast project is going.

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